Barry’s Story; By our Founder, Veritee Reed Hall’s Husband

Dictated to and written By Cara Aitkins, with comments by Veritee.

Barry found it all very hard. He knows he never gave Veritee enough emotional support but never realized quite how bad her depression was. “ It was only when she got better and started talking to me about it that I knew. Although I did realize that Veritee was depressed, I thought it was due to the depressing birth experience and, thought she would get over it. It took me a year or so for me to truly realize. I still think she is suffering a bit – she is still angry about how things turned out and I know now that she will never get over it.

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Why I think I got PND; By the Founder of PNI ORG UK, Veritee Reed Hall

By Veritee Reed Hall (Founder of PNI ORG UK) in Sept. 1994 and edited in January 2000. 

I think having a baby is potentially a very traumatic and stressful time for us all. It is essential to minimize the stress factors because too many and anyone can be triggered into depression. Unfortunately, I had so many stress factors, which I could do nothing about. I experienced the things, which are common to all mothers, which I see to be the factors listed below:

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