Our Founder

Veritee Reed Hall

Veritee Reed Hall didn’t start this site as an expert in 1998, but as a woman who had PNI with her Daughter over 20 years ago.

When she became well enough, she counselled and supported women going through the same thing that she did, first as a telephone and e-mail counsellor for The Association for Post-natal Illness (APNI) and then on the PNI ORG UK Forum.

Her hard work and care has led the way for women to not feel ashamed of PNI and to get the help they deserve and need.

It is through her hard work creating this website that the charity still stands today, with a group of dedicated individuals working alongside her to raise awareness of PNI, make women feel welcome, supported and cared for here at PNI ORG UK.

You can read Veritee’s full story here.