LIVE Web TV Chat with PNI ORG UK

Here is the interview from 20th December 2012 where our Trustee, Natalie Brophy (nee Ellis); and Liz Wise from the Cedar House Support Group spoke candidly about Post Natal Illness.

You can watch the show here.

Earlier this year, the Government announced more NHS help for women with postnatal depression to the tune of £400m, recruiting more health visitors across the country who will be trained to spot the early signs of postnatal depression. This means that for the first time, there will be more focus on the emotional wellbeing of the entire family, not just concentrating on the practical ins and outs of looking after the baby. But is this enough?

With statistics suggesting that roughly a quarter of women experience depression in the first year after childbirth, experts believe that the true figures are probably far greater, as postnatal depression is often misdiagnosed or missed entirely. The most important thing is to be to able to recognise the symptoms in yourself, spot the warning signs in others and not to feel alone or that you are failing as a parent.

Health & Wellbeing mutual, Benenden Healthcare Society acknowledged this issue and conducted an open discussion on the issues surrounding PND on 20th December 2012. They were joined by Natalie Brophy (nee Ellis) from PNI ORG UK and Liz Wise from The Cedar House support group and The Association of Postnatal Depression Committee.