Patrons of PNI ORG UK

Here at PNI ORG UK, we work very hard to raise awareness for PNI and support women, and their families, who are going through this awful illness.

Here is our patron, Elaine Hanzak, who supports our charity and its work, believing in the cause and working to raise awareness of PNI with us.

A big thank you to Elaine and your continued support of PNI ORG UK.

Elaine Hanzak

Elaine Hanzak is an author and inspirational speaker on overcoming loss. She uses her life experiences of puerperal psychosis (the most severe form of “postnatal depression”) and bereavement to demonstrate how it is possible to smile again after life has thrown us challenges!

Elaine advises and speaks to audiences who are looking for ways to improve their lives; to health professionals, mothers and family support groups plus at corporate events. Elaine delivers keynote presentations on overcoming loss, postnatal illness and mental health issues drawing from a raft of informative case studies, personal experiences and anecdotal information passed on to her via this website and her public speaking engagements.

You can find her book, ‘Eyes Without Sparkle’ here.

Visit Elaine’s website for further information.