What is PNI

  • What is PNI?
  • What Causes PNI?
  • Who Gets PNI?
  • How Many Get PNI?
  • Does Counselling Help?
  • How Long Does It Last?
  • What Cures PNI?
The problem is that no one really knows the answers to these questions!

When this website first started, Veritee had a go at answering them herself as she thought, given she had read all the books she could on PNI, suffered it herself and talked to many people about it, she thought she could answer this. But as time went on, she realised she was developing more questions than answers!

Rather than re-invent the wheel and give yet another opinion of what PNI is or what may help PNI, we will use this page instead to give you links to information, research and opinions about PNI so you can make up your own mind.

Please have a look at our Helpful Links section to see what has been said about PNI and the help out there; on the web, in the media and the various research articles into PNI.

You can also visit our Forum for Real Support from Real Women who know EXACTLY what PNI is… because we have suffered it too!